In 1976, a little girl was born in Huddersfield, into a loving family with a huge passion for music throughout the generations.

Many weekends saw Kate performing with her cherished grandfather – a semi-professional singer.

It was actually at secondary school that Kate ventured into the school music rooms – and life was never to be the same again.

There Kate auditioned for the school band and enjoyed making friends including Hannah & Lisa, rehearsing passionately and performing in one of the area’s most talented & dynamic youth bands.

These friendships led to The Charity Dreamgirls being born.

The Charity Dreamgirls have supported smaller, lesser known charities that are isolated with a small support base. Kate and the girls have taken their message, converted it into an easily digestible, engaging and entertaining format, and reached phenomenal numbers of individuals.

In 2007 an organisation set themselves the mission to tackle the challenges of smaller, lesser known charities by using their minds as well as their hearts.

The Charity Dreamgirls are an established community enterprise that is using the talents of the general public to make a significant difference. Advocating the ‘Big Society’ concept years in advance, we are built by the community for the community. Reigniting local spirit and revolutionising charitable activity sees unpaid volunteers bring the story of their Charity Partners to life through personalised messages, sensational events and exclusive celebrity collaborations.

Kate’s objective is to work with selected charities each year and to tell their story to the biggest possible audiences.