Three fifths of consumers believe customer service isn’t seen as being important enough (IWP survey).

Kate wants to change this and is renowned as the ‘Customer Service Queen’.

Through the seminars and workshops with businesses, along with various initiatives below, she is on a mission to make the customer the heart of every organisation.

Customer at the Heart Awards

There are independent businesses the length and breadth of Britain who put their customers first.

They battle against the out of town shopping centres, the major multinational brands and the challenges facing the high street by making themselves stand out.

Their stores are a destination, a must-visit because their level of service elevates them from the competition. Their passion for ensuring they make their customers lives a bit easier, that they give them cheer and add some colour sees them succeed where many others fail.

They deserve our support as well as our custom.

In 2011 the Customer at the Heart Awards were established to celebrate this commitment to excellence in service.