#WearPurple Day for Women’s Aid is a “great success”

On Sunday 7th June, 2015 – the #WearPurple event took place at the Bradford Bulls v Doncaster fixture at Bradford Stadium, West Yorkshire.

Fans were asked to #WearPurple – the official colour for Women’s Aid, to heighten awareness for the charity & it’s ‘Real Man’ campaign.

A #WearPurple Parade with women & girls from across the country, highlighted the campaign  – with purple clothing & purple body art from Pamela Clare & team.

Crowds gather for #WearPurple Day for Women’s Aid at The Bradford Bulls

Spokesperson for Women’s Aid, Sadi Khan, made a moving speech at the interval about the work the charity does & the real facts on domestic violence in the UK.

Players entered the pitch in unique purple hoodies, each signed & auctioned for the Women’s Aid charity after the match.

Additionally, fans were encouraged to enjoy a family fun day on the pitch, after the match – with more awareness raising for Women’s Aid.

Girls & women were given free admission & girls rugby league matches dominated the professional pitch, prior to the match, to mark the day & also in line with Women Sports Week (1st – 7th June, 2015)

Media Make Up specialist, Pamela Clare & her team of MUA’s join in the #WearPurple effort

The event was created by Key Supporter for Women’s Aid, Kate Hardcastle with the Bradford Bulls, for whom she is a proud ambassador.

The ‘Real Man’ campaign raised a huge boost in awareness amongst fans & also with the media coverage the #WearPurple event gained.

The #WearPurple Purple Parade, ready to start

Look North, 7th June, 2015

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